MedTek offers an end-to-end medical transcription solution for Physician Groups, Surgical Centers and Hospitals. The robust and user-friendly software platform drives the entire chain of activities in the medical transcription workflow - from the moment a voice dictation is sent until the report is returned.

MedTek is dedicated to providing timely, accurate medical transcription services with guaranteed turn-around times. MedTek uses state-of-the-art network technologies for secure access, and can install digital dictation systems or make use of your current dictation system to transmit patient demographic information. Whatever your transcription needs may be, MedTek can provide the solutions you need.

Why our Transcriptions

  • Cost Savings 20-50%
    Our competitive pricing per line guarantees you savings of 20% to 50%. A complimentary detailed cost-analysis can be provided to you for comparison to your current transcription service.

  • Accuracy Guaranteed
    We guarantee a minimum accuracy of 99%. Our multi-level quality control process, together with MTs assigned specifically to your account, ensures the quality, consistency and accuracy of your transcription.

  • Turn Around Time (TAT)
    Guaranteed 12 hour turn-around of dictations. STAT requirements are accommodated as may be needed.

  • No Lost Dictations
    You never have to worry about lost dictations or transcriptions with MedTek. Our system provides real-time tracking from the instant a dictation is made to until the transcription is completed.

  • Multiple Delivery Options
    Our system offers multiple delivery options, allowing you to choose how you would like to receive your transcriptions.
    1. Web access to all of your medical records is available 24/7 from any Internet-enabled PC.
    2. Automatic printing of reports to any location.
    3. Download reports directly to your PC or network.
    4. Fax service to dictating and/or referring physicians.
    5. Customized delivery solutions to meet your specific needs.

  • Ease of Use
    Our System is robust and user friendly and allows real-time viewing and control of the entire dictation to delivery process. You are never more than a few mouse-clicks away from access to your reports.

  • Customer Service
    Our staff is available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide your facility with customer service and technical support. The combination of quality MT's, leading technology and comprehensive support results in outstanding service that your healthcare enterprise can depend upon.

  • Seamless Transition
    MedTek understands that different healthcare organizations have different transcription needs. Therefore, we ensure that our system integration meets the specific requirements of each facility. Our process ensures minimal disruption to your facility or physicians during transition.

  • Digital Signature
    Physicians can electronically sign their reports online.

  • No Set-up Cost
    Your facility will incur no costs to get set-up with our service.

  • Technology Infrastructure
    Our servers are located in an advanced data center providing the highest available level of security, reliability, and speed. MedTek's scalable architecture makes it the best choice for the large volume organizations and multi-facility healthcare systems.

    Our systems exceed HIPAA/HITECH requirements for security. All data is 128-bit encrypted. Firewalls and extensive network security are in place to assure confidentiality and privacy of all records and PHI.

  • Easy EMR Integration
    MedTek's system easily integrates with most EMR programs.


MedTek offers a complete outsourced coding solution. Our team of highly trained, experienced and certified coders ensures that your coding is accurate, thereby maximizing your reimbursements while adhering to strict compliance and security guidelines.

Highlights of our Coding Service are:

  • Extremely competitive pricing, with a fixed cost per report.

  • Extremely efficient process. Coded reports are returned along with your transcriptions each day.

  • Ability to access coded reports via the MedTek Website at any time, day or night.

  • Stay current with the latest coding requirements.

  • Audit your current coding process through MedTek.

When combined with our Transcription Service, both transcribed and coded reports are received the following business morning, adding to your workflow efficiency. This also eliminates sending out the transcriptions for coding, managing missing reports, and keeping track of the process on separate systems. MedTek’s combined system makes it easy to manage your document process from dictation through to transcription and coding, efficiently and easily.



EZchart is a complete chart management solution, designed to bring efficiency and savings to ASC patient records management. It utilizes the latest technologies to simplify processes and enables the ASC to use proprietary, unique or individual forms for its records.

Chart Packs Made Easy

  • EZchart interfaces with your ASC software and prints forms with patient information automatically inserted. EZchart eliminates the need for sticky labels and expensive chart storage & retrieval.

Form Management

  • Add & edit Microsoft Word and Excel Forms.

  • Customize display of patient information in forms.

  • Apply patient demographic filters.

    • Age, Gender...

  • Apply case filters.

    • Physician, Procedure, Insurance...

  • Determine form print order.