• Access Records Online 24/7
    • Your records are available on the Internet 24/7 for viewing, editing, electronically signing and printing.

  • Advanced Search Capability
    • Locate records quickly and easily via our interactive search engine.

  • Online Editing
    • Easily edit and save reports online, ensuring your records are always up to date

  • Listen to Dictations Online
    • Dictations are available for review online within minutes of dictating them

  • Multiple Access Levels
    • Allow physicians to access their records with multi-level password control
    • Restrict access via administrative control

  • Multi-location Document Management
    • Efficiently manage workflow in a multi-location environment
    • Print documents to different locations within the same organization

  • Sign Documents Electronically
    • Physicians may sign their reports electronically online.

  • New Physicians
    • Physicians can be added to the system within seconds for immediate dictation


  • Customized Solutions
    • The versatility of our system allows us to develop a customized program that meets your specific needs

  • Auto Print
    • Reports print automatically to any designated printer at your facility

Outsourced Value

Outsourcing offers the inherent benefits of streamlining costs, promoting efficiency and maintaining quality. It is of paramount consideration in areas where an efficient execution of the task is critical to various segments of the related workflow. In the instance of your transcriptions, an efficient delivery can favorably impact cash flows and keep your records current. A backlog of transactions can adversely impact your cash flows by delaying the entire process of billing and collections.

Some key benefits:

  • Variable Costs vs. Fixed Costs
    Employing full time in-house personnel involves fixed costs that include: salaries, federal and state taxes, medical benefits, vacations, sick leave, workers compensation insurance and floor space/real estate costs. By using MedTek, you eliminate all these fixed costs and only pay for your transcription.

  • Scalability
    Scaling up or down as your transcription needs increase or decrease generates additional costs and administrative overhead in an in-house environment. With MedTek, such fluctuations are handled as a matter of routine, leaving you more time for your business.

  • Higher Quality
    By outsourcing transcription, your work is always done by highly trained professionals who meet or exceed the standards set by the AAMT. Our quality control process ensures consistent and accurate transcriptions.

  • Guaranteed Turn-Around
    We guarantee a quick turn-around time. Our large pool of professionals assures you will never have to worry about a transcriptionist going on vacation, being sick, or quitting and leaving. Your documents will be received timely, every day.